The Pan-African Parliament Sitting of Permanent Committees scheduled for 27 February to 7 March 2020 will not be affected by the latest epidemic known as coronavirus.

The Government of South Africa has assured the nation of its solid response against the virus.  Screening of travelers, especially those arriving from destinations in Asia, has been intensified at all South African ports of entry following the outbreak the deadly coronavirus in China.

To date, one African has reportedly tested positive.  The Pan-African Parliament Bureau said arrangements would be made to complement the measures in place, announced by the National Department of Health to ensure any potential threat is addressed in time. Vice President Fortune CHARUMBIRA and Vice President Bouras DJAMEL took time to address this issue among others with the Secretariat  Staff during their rotation week in Midrand. 

“We can assure our Members of Parliament that the Secretariat will do all in its power to  ensure that the Sitting of the Permanent Committees holds successfully amid this global health scare. We however encourage Honorable Parliamentarians to ensure that they carry all their health certificates and that they are up to date with all the vaccinations they ought to have taken,”  says the Rt. Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG, President of PAP .

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a coronavirus is a family of viruses that “include the common cold, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).”